About Us

Working a 9-5 can be exciting at first, you feel like an adult like you’re going to make something of yourself. However, some of us realized quickly that that wasn’t the life we wanted. We were tired of answering endless “Bulk Emails” and decided to jump ship and become our own bosses. Of course, this still required many emails, but with a different work environment and office ambiance, we were able to break away from the corporate world and become our own bosses. We became real estate agents. Yes, real estate agents work a 9-5 schedule, but we plan out what we will do that day. Going from one home to the next, finding new clients, and finding new homes.

It’s a very social job, that requires a lot of work and dedication. It’s a great way to break free from the corporate world. However, you do have to keep in mind that it is a tough job as you don’t earn any money until you actually close a deal.

Many of our old colleagues email us asking how our group, that jumped shipped, was able to get the courage to do what we did. To be honest, we were all scared, but it made it all that more exciting. So with our website we hope to inspire others to jump ship, or at least find what they are truly passionate about so you don’t fall into that never endless bulk email rut.