How to Market Your Real Estate Business

Marketing is a daunting task for real estate firms; it can be one of the hardest parts with starting out. For many small real estate firms, they seek the help of family and friends to participate as customers and help boost their early revenues as well as provide glowing reviews. This is a great first step, but these customers end up only supporting temporarily. Their conscience tells them, “okay, I bought from them once and I feel good about that.” However, how often does a person need to buy a home? A person usually buys 1 or 2 homes in their lifetime. That is why it is important to give them the best service above all.

New real estate agents need to focus on marketing to strangers as well. Once a stranger is a customer, they are more likely to stick around because they like you and your integrity. How does one reach out to new people to become new clients?

Here are a few simple tips:

Get Started with Google Adwords

Since Google is the most widely recognized search engine, it only makes sense to desire a spot on the top ten results list (not many users search beyond what appears on the first page). To snag that top spot, many believe you have to be an expert in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is not the case. Google Adwords enables small businesses to utilize intent marketing (customers who are intending to find your products or services). How does Google Adwords successfully do this? Keywords!

Think like your customer and choose keywords they may be searching for. Targeted keywords help with your Google ad ranking. Not only are keywords useful, but you can customize your ad by location and include contact information to make it easy for that local customer to find you and contact you straight away. Google Adwords may be one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website and target customers who are finding you.

Let’s say you’re located in Miami, then good keywords for your google ad would be Miami Realtor, realtors miami, best miami real estate agent. You should do you research, and play with the keyword tool in the google adword campaign.

Become Social Media Savvy

Growing your social media accounts can be a great way to gain repeat customers as your followers are reminded of your business with every update. However, with all the social media platforms out there, it can be overwhelming to update them all because having a profile that is captivating enough to encourage consistent customer interaction requires a huge investment in time.

In this way, it is better to focus on a couple of social media accounts and create quality, eye-catching content. Knowing your target audience can help you choose which social media platforms to cover. As a realtor, you will be subject to beautiful houses on an almost daily basis! This is great for Instagram. Before you show a particularly gorgeous house, take 10 minutes to go around the house that you’re listing and take photos of different rooms, the backyard, and front facade. Likewise, you can ask permission from your client to use the photos from the professional photographer to use on your Instagram account. Those professional real estate photos will be key in establishing your instagram.

Once you have a couple platforms chosen, remember to update regularly. Small businesses can easily lose followers if they are missing in action. Similar to this, it is also important to be engaging. Make sure to respond to a follower’s comments. You want your customers to know you are listening! This real estate agent in Fort Lauderdale posts stunning photos of his listings to his Instagram, and has gained quite the following by just posting beautiful pictures of homes. His homes are mainly million-dollar listings that are located on the water. So Tim’s real estate listings are all gems.

Using social media is about developing long-lasting relationships with customers. In order to do this, you want to appear as a friend or at least a relatable person (someone they want to continue following). This means NO SELLING! Sure, promotions can be great to encourage interaction, but don’t make it all about selling. Social media gives small businesses the opportunity to reveal their unique characteristics. Make your social media accounts a bit more personal and customers are likely to follow because they are interested in your story. Once they are hooked, they may look to your website for further information. Make sure this is easily available on all social media accounts.

Word of Mouth

By far, the most common way people learn of new businesses is by word of mouth. If a customer is pleased with you real estate service, they are very likely to pass that information on to their friends and family. This is why customer service is extremely important. Bad publicity is not necessarily good publicity just because you are getting your name out there. You want people to speak loudly of only the good things and if they talk, this is free advertising.

Though it seems like this type of marketing is impossible to control, there are ways you can encourage customers to start talking. To do this, don’t be afraid to specifically ask your clients for referrals. Many clients are happy to do this. Conduct multiple surveys to gather information of what your clients actually think, what they loved about your experience together, what you could improve on. For those who are honest about having a great experience, kindly ask them to provide a testimonial or suggest they refer your business to their colleagues, family, and/or friends.

Remember, word of mouth marketing is only successful if people are happy with your business, so make customer service a priority!

These three tactics greatly improve your real estate branding and marketing strategy. By focusing on all, you will be surprised to see new customers pop up left and right.